Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Tornadoes That Ate Dallas/Fort Worth

Multiple tornadoes touched down across the Dallas/Fort Worth area causing extensive damage yesterday. These pictures are pretty insane, especially the ones of the hail and semi-trucks. posted

Those are semi-trucks.
Via: lascocks

Another picture of a semi being tossed around.

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More hail.

Bill Brangers, right, and Benjamin Powell, 5, left, look at the trailer that a tornado lifted from the Powell's driveway to a neighbor's yard two doors down.
(AP / Kim Johnson Flodin)

(AP / AP)

Patricia Daugherty searches for her belongings after her home was destroyed by a tornado n Arlington, Texas.
(Getty Images / Tom Pennington)

A sign is destroyed from a passing storm in South Arlington, Texas.
(AP / Paul Moseley)

Found near Forney, Texas.

(Reuters / TIM SHARP)
Homes in Lancaster, Texas.
(AP / Khampha Bouaphanh)

And one more picture of the 18 wheelers.

(And I missed the whole thing thanks to the pain meds I took which put me sound asleep through the worst of it.--jef)