Saturday, April 13, 2013

13 Spills. 30 Days. Nearly 1.2 Million Toxic Gallons.

Big oil: a very perfect example of negligence and stupidity.

In gushes, drips, and spills. With leaks, derailments, and ruptures. Oil companies from North and South America have littered the world with more than 1,185,000 gallons of crude oil, tar sands, and other fossil fuel waste in the last month. Tcktcktck has a new infographic that tells the toxic tale...

All spills in order of occurrence:
March 11 – 21: Gwagwalada Town, Nigera
  • A week-long leak of Kilometer 407.5 NNPC (Nigeria National Petroleum Corp) pipeline. No official # of barrels spilled released, however the spill saturated a hectare (10,000 sq metres) of marshy ground near a major water source.
Tuesday, March 19: Fort Simpson, Northwest Territories Canada
  • Enbridge Norman Wells Pipeline leaks 6,290 barrels of crude oil
Monday, March 25: Fort MacKay, Alberta Canada
  • Suncor Tar Sands tailings pond leaks 2,200 barrels of toxic waste fluid into the Athabasca River
Wednesday, March 27: Parker Prairie, Minnesota USA
  • CP Rail train derails and spills 952 barrels of Tar Sands crude oil
Friday, March 29: Mayflower, Arkansas
  • Exxon Mobil’s Pegasus Pipeline suffers a 22 foot-long rupture, spilling at least 12,000 barrels of diluted Tar Sands bitumen
Sunday, March 31: A power plant in Lansing, Michigan USA
  • 16 barrels of an oil-based hydraulic fluid spills into the Grand River
Tuesday, April 2: Nembe, Nigeria
  • After suffering a reported theft of 60,000 barrels of oil per day from its Nembe Creek Trunkline pipeline, Shell Nigeria shuts off the pipe for 9 days to repair damage.
Wednesday, April 3: 350KM southeast of Newfoundland, Canada
  • A drilling platform leaks 0.25 barrels of crude oil
Wednesday, April 4: Chalmette, Louisiana USA
  • 0.24 barrels (100 lbs) of hydrogen sulfide and 0.04 barrels (10lbs of benzene) leak at an Exxon Refinery
Monday, April 8: Esmeraldas, Ecuador
  • The OPEC-managed OCP pipeline leaks 5,500 barrels of heavy crude oil, contaminating the Winchele estuary
Tuesday, April 9: 29KM NE of Nuiqsut, Alaska USA
  • Human error during maintenance spills 157 barrels of crude oil at a Repsol E&P USA Inc pipeline pump station