Sunday, March 10, 2013

Automatic Death

Look at this image. I think nothing illustrates the point of automatic weapons better than this. They aren't for sport, they aren't for home protection. They are for killing with no doubts about whether your target is dead or not. That target is dead because he tried to leave when the place he was in got attacked. Who wouldn't do the same thing? If you had an automatic weapon on your lap, you still wouldn't have gotten off more than a round before that next guy blew you away. I'm a gun owner. I don't want anything like what these guys shot, and I hope to fuck I'm never shot with one because that's church, kids. Fuck, that's gruesome!

Every single day something like this happens. This type of thing happened at a crowded sold out theater. I believe in the right to own a gun to protect our families. I don't believe in this...